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    I wish this looked nicer but oh well. This soup was soooo delicious that I really just have to write down whatever I did before I forget.

    We had some mushrooms that needed to be used before they became some other sort of fungi. 

    1. Sauté an onion until caramelized. Throw in diced carrots (2-3). Add a ton of garlic. (I sauté my veggies in olive oil that’s had red pepper flakes sitting in it for ages because I like the subtle suggestion of spiciness). 

    2. Deglaze the pot with a generous amount of dry sherry (so very important).

    3. Add a bunch of chunky mushrooms and sauté a bit.

    4. Put some broth and almond milk. A few shakes of soy sauce. Montreal steak seasoning. A little of whatever spice you’re into at the moment (I had fresh tarragon). 

    5. Let all that meld together until it becomes one. Somehow. Then throw in some spinach right before serving. 

    I hope that’s what it was at least…hm. It tasted really fancy, I’ll have to say. Big hit at home. 

    I love mushrooms. :) 

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