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Desert city concept by *JJasso

    Desert city concept by *JJasso

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    Remember when I said I wasn’t going to make a comic about food?

    I lied.

    Maddie is great!!!

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    Jen Zee

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Giraffe by GDBee
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    Ximena (Original really rushed children’s story)


    UHMMMM. Y’know how I’ve been talking about my children’s story/comic school assignment for months now, well, I finished it. I only had a week to do it so the art is really inconsistent (It gets worse with each page), it’s not the greatest writing at all, I kinda CONSIDER IT A FIRST draft but whoo hoo this is really embarrassing, it’s done, here it is. ENJOY i guess I SPENT SO MUCH ENERGY I HAVE TO SHARE IT. Warning for bullying?


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Day 38: Abandoned 
~*human orphans with alien foster parents*~


    Day 38: Abandoned 

    ~*human orphans with alien foster parents*~

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