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    1 - Game Bird

    2 -  Slotted High Lift Wing 

    3 - High Speed Wings

    4 - High Aspect Ratio Wing 

    High-speed bird wings, common to bird species like swifts, swallows, falcons, shorebirds and ducks are built for speed, but require a lot of work to keep the bird airborne. The long and cumbersome,high-aspect ratio bird wings of albatrosses, petrels and gulls may not get them into the air quickly or easily, but these wings are perfectly designed for soaring long distances with little effort. In contrast, the short, rounded elliptical game bird wings of a grouse, turkey, pheasant or quail can get them off the ground in a heartbeat, but the energy that it takes to lift that heavy body off the ground doesn’t last long. The slotted, high-lift wing of hawks, eagles, swans and geese provides the extra lift that is needed to keep their large bodies airborne or to carry heavy prey. And finally, the classic elliptical wing of your local passerine allows for the quick bursts of flight and high maneuverability that is perfectly suited for life in brushy habitats. Take a look at the five major wing types that follow and see if you can point out the differences in feather shape across wing types.

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    Did you know that quakers purr?

    I will reblog my bird because I want everyone to look at my baby!

    This video is incredibly relaxing… Almost passed right out just listening.

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    Schalow’s Turaco (Tauraco schalowi)

    …a species of turaco that occurs from southwest Kenya, to Angola and Zimbabwe. Like other forest turacos, Schalow’s turaco is arboreal and lives most of its live in the trees. They feed almost exclusively on fruit, however young are also fed small invertebrates. Shcalow’s turacos are poor fliers and instead use their climbing abilities to move from tree to tree. However, if need be they can fly for short distances. Although Shcalow’s turacos usually feed in small groups, breeding is a private matter. And pairs will claim and fiercely defend territories



    Images: Ian Kinshott and James L. Taylor

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    Pennant-winged Nightjar (Macrodipteryx vexillarius)

    … a species of nightjar that is native to Central and Southern Africa. Like other nightjars the pennant-winged nightjar is mainly crepuscular (active during dusk and dawn) and feeds for insects which it catches in flight, drinking is also done mid flight. When resting pennant-winged nightjars roost on the ground using their coloration to camouflage themselves. When disturbed they will usually flee to a tree branch where they will perch lengthwise.

    The long pennants that they are named after are only found in the males. They use them in complex display flights to woo females, and sometimes they even are joined by females.



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By Dorothy Menera
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    He never saw it coming

    …fucking adorable.

    Why is this video getting so popular suddenly AAaaaHHHhh

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at first i thought, ‘oh this is good reference!’
then i got to the end.
its still good reference.


    at first i thought, ‘oh this is good reference!’

    then i got to the end.

    its still good reference.

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